Even the shyest person in the world,  ,  is the most outgoing person  in the world:   AT TIMES.     MAYBE IT IS ONLY FOR   1 MINUTE A DAY:   But is is possible to take that one minute a day,  and keep doubling it to 1 hour and 8 hours.          

  •  As an Acting coach,   I  can see moments when a shy person is beaming and outgoing   (for 5 or 10 seconds) ,   I have the skill sets to have them feel , and see,   and own that ,   and keep doubling it

  • As a meditation coach:    I have a person get a 2 hour massage,   then i have them meditate perfectly for 3 or 4 seconds,  then i have them take a 5 minutes break:     then i have them meditate PERFECTLY for 10 seconds,   5 minute break,   then 20 seconds,   etc,   I keep doubling the time,  and soon a client is meditating perfectly for 6 hours straight (while running or performing brain surgery)   and they feel refreshed the whole time  :          

  •    because the person has NO BAD HABITS to UNLEARN   ,   they are able to learn quickly.         

Don Metzger is the best Motivational Speaker on the Planet: AT TIMES: (maybe 5 minutes a day ! )

Anyone can do something perfectly, even if it is for only 1/10 of a second:

in relationship counseling:    i  find that clients can give a perfect,  focused ,  heartfelt,   Tranformational Apology   AT TIMES   (For about 1 or 2 seconds.).       

  •      I have the skill sets to teach  a person how to do this.     Most apologies are tainted:   the person is not  "giving an apology"   they are  trying to   "trade"  an apology for instant forgiveness.     
  •    I have the skill sets to help a client know when they are giving an apology (or any communication)  or just covertly trying to "trade"  a communication (like an apology)  for a defined outcome  (like instant forgiveness)
  • things that are obvious to actors and acting coaches are not easily learned by  Public speakers and Psychologist:      Because,   It is  extreme emotional intelligence

Even a person who is angry and yelling is also yelling what they want (for about 1/10 of a second)


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