Feel the Fields


Stop trying to only feel the "particles" of this world. Feel the Fields...

We now know that the world   is not flat,   we know that  time and space can be slowed down and bent.      When we study this long enough,  we can feel that time slows,  and we can feel space bending:  it is a human abiility.

Atoms are made of smaller and smaller particles: the smallest is a quark

quarks are incredibly small:  if you took all the stars and planets in this observable universe,   and got rid of all the empty space,   (and had quarks all almost touching other quarks)    the universe would be smaller that a basket ball.         

If you have ever had a day where your body, and the whole universe felt light and bouyant,


this is not a "high" you are actually feeling the world as it actually is:

if it ever feels different, it is because you are experiencing (delusional) mental gravity

'when you feel this delusional mental gravity,  you accidently feel particles:   Particles actrually do not exist:    the only thing that is real is the energy fields of the universe,      Call me   Don    310 454 7401

Enjoy an advanced acting class where you "feel the fields" , and then "feel the particles"