gratitiude drive


imagine owning a car that can read your brain waves: the first car only listens to your commands:


if you "think" the car to steer or stop, it works. Imagine a second car that only listens to your gratitude:

It is possible to have machines that read brain waves:   

When you think  "turn left"  it moves the steering wheel left

When you think  "turn righ"  it moves the steering wheel righ

Imagine if you switched the program,  so that when you FELT GRATITUDE,  it could read your gratitute:    if you  thought,  profoundly     "i am so gratefull this ar turns withough arms,   it would be so nice if the car turned right,   Imagine if the car only listened to your gratitude:   if you felt strong gratitude , it would respong,    but if you ordered the car around,  the car would not listen

Imagine if you told the car "stop"   and it did not stop

Imagine if you felt  "  it would be so nice if the car stops  here"

Imagine if the car only listeed to your past gratitude,  your  present gratitude and your future gratitude:

imagine this car teahinfg you how to create "gratitude wavee"  that other people could feel from 40 feet away,   blindfolded

What would happen to you if you drove the car with "gratitude drive" for 10 hours a day for a year?

Learn to lift people and your enviornment with "gratitude waves:       that is the next stage in Evolution

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