The best Motivational Speakers have the full presentation skills of an Accomplished Actor

If the speaker is very,  very very smart  that is not enough:   

   they have to have a heart that is 100 times larger than their  wisdom,  

otherwise it just  comes off as  "heartless wisdom"   ,  

   it gets you high for a few days and then just evaporates....

The Best Coaches have the full coaching skills of an accomplished Acting Coach

      Normally,  a psychologist  will never  provoke a client to yell.  

           But ,  as an accomplished actor and acting coach, 

 I have the ability to get any married couple to yell what they love, 

 and  yell  (and vent away)  what they hate:     

    News flash:

            By the time a person is 30 years old,  

 the average person has spent a full 200 hours yelling what they hate, 

  and  less than 2 hours yelling what they love:    

  it is obvious to an acting coach  that  this would  (accidently)  create a skill set of being strong with negative emotions,  and weaker with positive.    


            The same intense brutal emotional intelligence techniques used by actors  should also be available to  everyone who wants it .    

I know how to get people to  yell and vent  (and uncover)  what they love, 

    and yell and vent what they hate.  


           As a bonus,    (in a controlled setting),    i have clients vent  

and yell what they hate  AND   beak stuff:   

this helps them remember  (uncover)  how mad they really were (/are).      

            I make sure my coaching is super ,  super   smart,    

 and the heart and emotions are 100 times more stornger: 

  to keep things in the proper balance.       


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1:     ATHLETIC STILLNESS:      How to have unlimited energy:     How to have  more calmness and   STILLNESS  when you are running fast    than you have when you are getting a 1 hour massage:        this is called   ATHLETIC STILLNESS.     feel free to click my other website:   

2    GET or GROW:       How to have  Abundance:         No matter what size your company is,  no matter what company you keep:    The largest barrier to every relationship:

people are trying to  Get  respect,        not grow respect

trying to    get a resolution,      not   grow   resolution

trying to   get   a relationship,    not    grow  a relationship,        even 

trying to    get   married,       instead of    "growing marriage"  

I know this looks simple:     I will amaze you with how people can  "hack"  you   every day.  People have ways of trying to look like they are growing,  but they are really just getting  (and tricking you into growing)       for more info on  coaching   and speaking on this topic ,  please visit my website:        GET or GROW .com

3    THRILL or SKILL:        When I do mediations,  it is usually a flat fee for 6 hours.   

  But i give the  parties a choice:   

 Do they want a  fast  agreeable resolution?    (  a THRILL  for them at the time).      

 Or  do they want me to teach them advanced mediation skills?  

  (  like    how to debate and argue with class,   focus,   and a sense of humor.       that takes  4 hours to 6 hours.)   

   (Here they  are learning the SKILL  of how to re-frame,  re phrase everything as a    thrill,  an opportunity,  and a lift:

      It is the same cost  either way:     I ask them,    

"Do you want me to THRILL you,     or   (quickly)  SKILL  you ?


 i am free for    company Motivational speeches and workshops on this

feel free to call me at    310 454  7401

or visit    Don            THRILL or SKILL .com


call me at 310 454 7401: the first coaching session is always free