Rise into the Air !

You can actually  taste a cloud:      you can't do that in a noisy helicopter.   

 Feel the natural high of flying in the air:     Feel the Glow:      the glow never goes away:    You get "permanent afterglow!".      You will feel different:   

(Your friends will thing you are in love or something) :   

 You are:      life evolved from stardust from the universe:    

 LIfe evolved from the sky.    

   Visit  home:   at least   once or twice  this lifetime...

When you run to the top of a Mountian in Malibu: you deserve a reward: Fly down to the beach !

Running back down the hill is not exercise  

(it just wastes your time and is rough on the joints:  

  Do what rock climbers do:  

when you get to the top of a mountain, 

  don't  rappel down,  dont hike down:    fly Down.    

  You earned your reward.     Now it is time to collect!

When you fly, you start to activate dormant parts of your DNA. There is a noticable shift

We now know that genes are not just dormant:  

 genes are activated by great experiences: 

 Paragliding produces more that just  a " high"  or a glow:     

 There is a change in your biology.  

(so the "high"  does not just evoporate...)



call me to go Paragliding in Malibu: Don 310 454 7401